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BLJ Polo for Values 

Inspired by the Canada Walk for Values, Wayne McLennon (founder of BLJ), who frequently found himself being 'polo dad' flying and driving his children back-and-forth to polo matches and tournaments, decided to merge these two facets of McLennon family life and together with his wife and daughters established the Polo for Values Foundation.   

BLJ Polo for Values is a youth polo event hosted by BLJ Benlevi Lennon Junzi in partnership with various polo clubs.    The inaugural Polo for Values event took place in Montego Bay, Jamaica on May 3rd, 2017.     This private event takes place annually during the first week of May - on or close to May 3rd.  

All is One. Love All Serve All

Similar to the Canada Walk for Values, BLJ Polo for Values seeks to re-inforce the lofty ideal taught by the Indian Spiritual Master Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba that:

 We are One family and we should Love & Serve all members of this One family.     

BLJ Polo for Values embraces the 5-Human Values of Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love and Non-Violence.    The idea behind these values is self-transformation; namely the way to change the world is to change ourselves by becoming a perfect model of what we would like the world to be and in so doing provide others with a perfect example they can copy.   The foundation as well support the preservation of indigenous cultures and promotes sportsmanship in polo.     

BLJ Polo for Values Scholarship Fund

BLJ Polo for Values donates to the Polo for Values Scholarship Fund, which is a fund to provide scholarships in values-related education and support for the preservation of indigenous cultures.

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