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While the real estate property market and capital markets for big business is very well served by real estate brokerages and large investment banks, small to middle market businesses are underserved.    

Benlevi Lennon Junzi (BLJ) is a boutique business brokerage specializing in serving the needs of small to middle market entrepreneurs.    BLJ invites you to join us for a rewarding career where your professional skills and unique expertise will be valued.

You will operate as an independent contractor enjoy a great deal of professional freedom.

But even more importantly, at BLJ you will operate with a sense of purpose and on a mission to help humanity by turning employees into self-employed entrepreneurs and helping existing entrepreneurs realize their dreams and 

enjoy their success.


If you have experience in or is interested in the purchase/sale of businesses and desire to be part of an actual business brokerage, then BLJ could be the right fit for you.

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