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BLJ seeks to ascertain the "market value" of the business as determined by the current open market.

This is done using business valuation software and by performing and providing a detailed valuation report.

 This report attempt to identify the true earnings of the business by normalizing financials and assessing both historical as well as projected performance.    Our valuation often employ the direct comparison approach, combined with the use of Discounted Cash-flow and Public Company P/E ratios as good double checks against market over-valuation.  

BLJ intermediaries can work with you to confidentially complete any normalization of the historical financial information, understand the business and market space, determine realistic growth potential and projections, understand current market conditions, determine value drivers, obtain industry specific published data reports, and much more.   This enables them to provide reasonable and critical assessments that will provide you with a realistic estimate of market value.

 If you are comfortable with the results of your BLJ business valuation report and wish to continue the process, BLJ then moves to develop the appropriate marketing strategy towards the sale of your business.   

Successfully selling your business requires your full cooperation and commitment to the process.

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