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+1 (844) BENLÉVI

TD Canada Trust Tower, 161 Bay St., 27th Floor, Toronto, ON., M5J 2S1


BLJ Intermediaries Stand Ready to 

Serve Our Community 

 by helping entrepreneurs...


Benlevi Lennon Junzi (BLJ) is a one-stop business intermediary for small to middle market entrepreneurs.

Everything from site selection analysis, branding & marketing, negotiating offers to lease/buy commercial sites, the buying & sale of small businesses to middle market mergers, acquisitions and private placements.   

Whether you you are looking to begin the journey of self-employment, or if you are an acquisition-minded middle market entrepreneur, BLJ is here to help you and in so doing advance our own mission of serving our community.


Many individuals in our world today lack the know-how and skills to secure well-paying long-term jobs.    Similarly many main street and middle market entrepreneurs find it difficult to breakthrough and effectively compete with well-resourced big business.    Both of these situations represent structural imbalances in our communities - which BLJ was specifically created to help address towards the creation of more efficient capital markets.    As such BLJ is a community service organization that operates in the for-profit sector.

BLJ's simple mission is to Enrich Communities by Helping Entrepreneurs create and expand businesses towards reducing structural imbalances in society.     


BLJ operates from a spiritual core with a vision to to help elevate humanity's collective level of consciousness.   At BLJ, we believe entrepreneurism can broaden societal financial security and that with greater security, more minds can turn towards the higher purposes of human existence.  

For us, corporate responsibility is not a side activity or form of soft marketing is the main event!

 Which is,     

Enriching Communities...

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